Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Off day


I'm off today...a new roster n melor still need time to adapt with his new job, so i've need to take melor's duty before this...alaaaa only pay the bill n buy our groceries...mihmihmih..i hate when have to wait for pay the bill but i love when shoping our groceries even my vegies will dry in our freezer..hahaha

As always, i'm onduty on raya haji...sory family n inlaws..for the long time, i lost my crazy raya celebration..what ever happen i've to accept..n im lucky had melor as a husband who really tolerate with me...even he can't join his family at his hometown, he's always ok..

What i should i ask  more..i have a best husb..i have a great buddies n i have a loving partner..even he always be my punching bag too...may Allah care my melor..

Actually i supposed to go to amsterdam last night together with my officer...it's funny story but good experience to us...last minute cancel and alhamdulillah i can handle my other's problem that i should settle today..if i at ams, i've need too wait after raya...hurmmm everything happen with a gud reason...bersangka baik selalu...

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