Monday, October 26, 2015

Sydney..... im in love

Australian sector either sydney melborne perth or adelaide is one of my favourite country before i know the strict law to enter this country..after that, they be a last place in my always, when go for holiday, it's seem bring my fridge together with us...kuikuikui.thats a big reason why australia be a last place in my list..
but when melor suggest sydney to me n he look very confident to handle this trip, i say yes to him...
so, this trip was handle by melor but because i afraid if he make a wrong plan, i make a research a day before we fly..yupsssss a day okeh....i love make an itenary if we are in holiday but for this trip, we just redah n njoy our kerja gila ajee.

See my bengkak face...ceh..bengkak konon..gemuk lah

2nd day in sydney, just hang out at opera house after  we go to bondi beach in the morning...

While at bondi beach...we just walk around the's perfect time to chill together n they have a huge people swim n burn their self..hahaha.

This is a first nite we arrived at sydney..we stay at y hotel near at hyde's a perfect place to stay because like a center to go to others place..we just walk from hotel to darling harbour..they have a huge playground for kids n near with wildlife park n seaworld..

Will write this holiday trip after i finished my london n paris trip..hahahha...

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