Friday, November 20, 2015

Sydney day 1 part 2


hi uols...after we get our nap n relax, we start to explore sydney..we dont know where to start, so just follow our leg..
our messy room..

This pic are infront our hotel...its cold when night...

We just walk until tired..finally we go to darling habour..because so many people walk to that area.

This road a near with china town..ive saw 2-3 malaysian restaurant but own by chinese..ive read kak neena anuar blog n try to find the malay restaurant who sell the roti canai...but we failed..i just found their hotel..near with our's but still cant find the restaurant...

End up we found 1 indonesia cuisine..but.maybe next day because we want to njoy their kebab first..on our way to darling harbour, we jump into a couple from malaysia who also find the malaysian restaurant...hahaha..but because we also cant find it, we just suggest to them to njoy indonesia cuisine at.china town.area..because they really want to eat rice..hahhaa

finally we reach at darling harbour...its a really crowded with foreigner n local people where they bring their family to njoy the huge theme park..

n this is darling harbour on midnight..just enjoyed our day but i stressed when think how we want.going back to our hotel by walk..its very far ok...

Me baju bawang..hahahha..i buy this blause in bandung n hate it because i look like a pregnant lady...memang gemok kot..

This my bantal buchuk...tq pa coz ur always love me..walaupun i selekeh..kuat kentut...moga u akan terus bersama i utk kita lawan kentut sama2 lagi...hahhaha

Elleh geli...kentut je pun..cuba uols tak kentut..seksa idop u pa..

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Shrek Hijau said...

patung shrek tu ade lagi tak?
nak jual preloved tak??