Friday, November 20, 2015

Sydney day 1


Trip to sydney start on 15.10.2015. Our flight on first melor suggest to bring our car n park at the nearest station at kota warisan..then he changed n book a taxi..after maghrib our journey begin..
after reached at airport, melor rap our bag..n we just bring 1 luggage n 3 back pack...its because sydney in summer also the strictlaw to enter sydney, we dont bring any food..

After check in, we straight to satelite zone gate c22...n before that,  we stop at grandmama's near at gate c32 to njoy our dinner.

my sweet jelly boy..

Birthday girl...hahahha..actually, 16.10 is my this trip is my birthday trip..n this year no flower or cake..uwaaa..hahaha..just njoy my day in sydney..but alhamdulillah..its gud coz i still can celebrate with my favourite man..

Happy face

Happy tummy...ive ordered beef keatiaw with ginger..yummy ok.

After had our dinner, i go to surau n isya then straight to our gate...luckily we are early reach the gate n i saw the gate was changed...

Our flight depart on time n this is my meal..yummy...smuanya yummy..rindu.meal onboard..

N.alhamdulillah we arrived at sydney on time.

Happy me..but still afraid because we are still in u know, sydney authority  are really strict. So any item that u bring should be declared..i just need to declare medicine for melor (diabetes) n my minyak gamat..terbawak sebenarnye..sebab balik london tak keluarkan..huhuhu
Its took an hour to settle everything..last check point the bring a huge dog to check our beg..hohoho..rotweller kot
.betol ka eja anjing jenis tu...nasib ayaq liuq dia tak jatuh menetes kena beg..

n finally...kuikuikii..happy wey..melor ckp.mcm airport jakarta je..ceh..

Then we find the train...belakang melor tu arah ke train..jln terus n turun escalator...train tu museum station aud36...hurmm mcm kat london plak..ada museum station..hahha

The train a huge n double decker..

Happy face again..

This is out pitstop. We stay at.y hotel near with hyde park..

Hyde park sydney

We just buy a kebab..sedapnye...aud 10 siap fries n coke..besar n beli 1 dah cukup.

Dekat hotel ada beli stock siap2..takut kelaparan..

I tak amik gmbr hotel.hahaha tapi ok lah walaupun hotel tu terpaksa shared bathroom..well sydney hotel smua.mahai kan
..takpelah yg pntg best n tak delah share dgn lelaki...will come again to y hotel sebab best....

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